Megan Fox Lashes Out with Witchcraft Threat

( – Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles starlet Megan Fox threatened Robby Starbuck, a music video director and past congressional candidate, with witchcraft after he suggested that Fox had forced her young boys to identify as transgender and wear girls’ clothes.

Sharing a picture of Megan with her three children, including two boys who appear styled like girls, Starbuck explained that he used to live in the same gated community with Fox’s family in California. Their children regularly played together at a local park, and one day Starbuck saw the boys complaining to their nanny about being forced to wear girly garb.

He described the event as a “full-on breakdown” with attempted consolation given by their nanny. His short thread claimed there were multiple witnesses, and Fox wasn’t there at the time. He suggested she could ask her nanny about the event if she was truly interested in the truth of the matter, and he suggested his followers pray for Fox’s children.

In response, Fox threatened Starbuck with witchcraft, suggesting she would perform some kind of dark ritual outside his home. She also accused Starbuck of attempting to use her children for clout.

The phenomenon of parents abusing their children by forcing them into an illness so they can get attention is called Munchausen’s by proxy; some conservatives have taken to calling the transgender variant “trans-hausen by proxy.” Several celebrities and politicians have taken special pride in mentioning their young transgender children.

The actress shared a screenshot from a New York Post story about a ‘“carcass-eating ritual” with a sticker that said, “me outside rob starbucks home” (sic). Some have speculated that Fox dabbles in the dark arts as she’s been open about her and her husband’s interest in drinking one another’s blood.

Robby Starbuck responded by saying that he doesn’t fear the activity of witches since he has strong faith in Jesus.

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