NATO Boss Wants More War Spending For Ukraine From All Member States

( – NATO is not-letting go of the war in Ukraine. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told Western nations to prepare for a long drawn-out “war of attrition” as the proxy war in Ukraine rages on. Stoltenberg sat down for an interview with The Guardian where he expressed his undying support for the war and called on member states to ramp up their defense production so they can meet the demand for more arms, ammo, and equipment.

He suggested the war was about maintaining the “industrial capacity” to sustain Ukraine. A native of Norway, he suggested that the Russian tactic of sending bodies into the conflict area endlessly meant that this was a war of attrition and Putin is showing no signs of stopping.

In a curious twist, he claimed that Putin isn’t seeking or desiring peace when the history of the conflict doesn’t back up that claim. Ukraine had a peace agreement with Russia called the Minsk agreements, which it violated once it had the weapons it wanted from Western nations.

Additionally, former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel revealed to the world that it was never intended to be a final peace agreement and was a stop-gap measure to arm Ukraine.

Stoltenberg also revealed NATO’s intent by projecting it onto Russia, claiming it was “planning for more war.” In response, he reminded Western nations that they’ll be expected to continue to prop up their cronies in Kyiv.

The interview came after NATO released its annual report, finding that only 7 out of 30 member states were spending the required 2% of GDP on their defense industry. Germany itself is particularly behind after decades of relying on its allies for military production. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius acknowledged earlier this month that Germany was not prepared for a hot war against Russia.

With the Democrats and many Republicans in favor of the continued war in Ukraine, NATO will likely get its wish. Whether this will result in regime change in Russia, as they intend, or causes an even greater global calamity remains to be seen.

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