New Letter Loophole Allows Colleges Same Racial Discrimination As Before

( – Admissions offices at liberal universities are desperately looking for new loopholes to continue the practice of affirmative action or to admit/exclude applicants based on their race and skin color after the Supreme Court declared it to be unconstitutional. A few of the new shenanigans already being floated around the internet include eliminating standardized testing requirements and weighing essays that discuss applicants’ ethnic experiences.

The University of North Carolina Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz said his institution remained “firmly committed” to bringing in students with “different perspectives and life experiences.” He added that the decision wasn’t their preferred outcome but that they would “carefully review” it so that they could “comply with the law.”

Conservative commentators suggest that the statement from Guskiewicz and others like it suggests that while leftists posing as academics may give lip service to complying with the decision, these “bolshevik madrassas” will do everything but that. Founder of The Federalist, Sean Davis, suggested that far from admitting students based on merit and academic achievement alone, institutions of higher learning will likely eliminate criteria like standardized tests preferring to evaluate applicants solely based on essays or other nonsense.

Davis suggested that modern universities no longer exist to truly educate and expand the students’ minds, but as mere credentialing and certification institutions, and that students treat them that way.

Academic activist Chris Rufo shared a clip that showed University of Berkeley Law School dean Erwin Chemerinsky explicitly admitting he’s violated California state law by racially discriminating against applicants, jokingly claiming he’ll deny he said it if he’s deposed.

Chemerinsky gives up the dirty details on how he gets away with it: never say what you’re doing out loud. It seems he failed to take his advice in the short video, as he clearly outlines how to violate the law successfully. Never write down or explicitly state you’re discriminating based on race. Just do it.

If conservatives want this SCOTUS decision to stick, it’ll take lawsuits and attorney generals willing to prosecute institutions and individuals that continue to prejudice admissions against whites, Asians, and men.

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