Nikki Haley Announces Presidential Candidacy For 2024

( – Former Ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration and regular swamp monster Nikki Haley announced her bid for the 2024 presidency on the morning of February 14th. Drumming up her ethnic minority status in the first ten seconds of her announcement video, Haley cited her love for growing up in America and compared the United States to the governments of China and Iran.

Lionizing South Carolina, she drummed up Republican talking points like reducing taxes and rekindling religious values. Citing Republican electoral failures and Washington’s inability to govern, she spoke of securing the border and returning to our core values. She further characterized herself as a fighter who stands up to bullies.

Haley served as Ambassador to the U.N. during the Trump administration from January 2017 to December 2018 and is the second Republican to officially announce their candidacy after Trump. An early February YouGov/Yahoo poll suggested Haley was coming in third place after Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet officially announced his candidacy.

Critics of Haley cite her political ambitions as early as 2017 during her time at the U.N. During her time in the Trump administration she frequently made controversial remarks in public about U.S. policy that she had not cleared with her boss, Secretary of State at the time Rex Tillerson. It became so much of a political issue that she was specifically and publicly chastised as well as asked to clear her comments on such issues with her superiors before making them on the floor of the U.N.

She’s been called out in the past for making up things that never happened, blaming Russia for a lack of humanitarian aid arriving in Syria, which was ironic given that they provided much of it. The public should also recall her warmongering in Syria as one of the original and loudest members of the “Assad must go” crowd. Easy big lies, war mongering, and drumming up her ethnic background all suggest Haley would make an excellent tool for the establishment should she win.

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