Nitty, Gritty Ways to Survive With Sandbags

( – In the survival world, there are plenty of items that can be useful. Of course, as with anything, some of our options are more useful than others. One of the most useful items you can stock up on for cheap is sandbags. You may wonder how on earth sandbags are useful for survival. Well, you might be surprised.


One great way to use sandbags is to build structures, both temporary and permanent. Believe it or not, you can actually build homes and sheds from sandbags; they could be a cheap alternative to actual building materials. Or you can use the sandbags to create an emergency shelter. Of course, you’ll need to fill the bags up with sand first, or you can even tie them together to create a tent.


Sandbags are often used as a barrier against erosion and floods. However, they can and have been used as ballistic barriers as well. Sandbags can effectively stop rifle rounds, making them a great way to reinforce your home or shelter. So, not only will your home be protected from wind, rain and floods, but it’ll be protected from any projectiles as well.


Another added benefit of sandbags is their insulating properties. These bags can work as an effective barrier against wind and cold weather, as well as keeping heat in. These insulating properties are one of the reasons sandbags make great shelter. In some cases, you can even stack sandbags around your livestock’s water to help prevent it from freezing in the cold months of the year.


When foraging or looking for leaves to start a fire, you can use a sandbag as a way to hold items as you collect them. After all, just because they’re called sandbags doesn’t mean that’s all you can put into them. Besides, a sandbag will certainly hold more than just your hands can.


When put into a survival situation, comfort is often overlooked. However, the more comfortable you are, the better off you will be. For example, sleeping on the ground isn’t fun at all and can be cold. If you have sandbags, you can fill them with leaves and grass to create cushions; it’ll be much more comfortable and warmer than sleeping directly on the ground. The sandbags can be used in the same manner to create a comfortable surface to sit on as well, or even a pillow.

Sandbags are useful, but we do need to know how to use them. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your uses. After all, that’s how we find new purposes. Like duct tape, sandbags are only limited by your imagination, making them a great item to stock up on — and that’s what survival is all about, doing what you need to in order to survive.

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