North Dakota And Idaho Advance Transgender Reforms To Protect Minors and Women

( – North Dakota has become the most recent state to advance sweeping reforms in regard to transgender individuals, that is those who identify with the gender opposite of their biological status. A series of bills coming out of the state Senate will put a dramatic end to the trans agenda in the state should they become law. 

The most important change is that doctors will not long be allowed to provide “gender-affirming care” – hormone treatments or major cosmetic surgeries – to minors. Men who identify as women would also be prohibited from playing women’s sports, from kindergarten through college. The bills were so popular that their passage is veto-proof, which means even if Republican Governor Doug Burgum were to veto the bills, they could pass anyway with a 2/3rds override. 

Democratic Sen. Ryan Braunberger made the typical threat that these kinds of restrictions would cause children to self-harm, without acknowledging that radical ideologies that encourage or require gender-bending for mental health reasons are the real danger to children. The message that “without this people will hurt themselves” is actually encouraging that outcome, whereas messaging like “no child was born in the wrong body” affirms children in their natural state. 

North Dakotan lawmakers are continuing to push for more restrictions on gender ideology with more bills coming to address things like “personal pronouns” and “pick your gender” bathroom access.

Idaho is the latest of a dozen or so states to restrict permanent medical treatments for children under the guise of “gender-affirming care.” Governor Brad Little signed the bill into law on Tuesday, April 4th, criminalizing such treatments with punishments of up to 10 years in prison.

Not everyone is happy about it, and advocates for including minors in these experimental medical procedures are even calling it “cruelty.” Writers who do so often repeat the standard tripe without allowing for a serious nuanced conversation where things like side effects, detransitioning, and medicine-for-profit are included in the discussion.