NYT Faces Mass Employee Blowback for Demanding In-Person Work

NYT Faces Mass Employee Blowback For Demanding In-Person Work

Employees Are Fight Back Against NYT

(BrightPress.org) – As much of America returns to normal, companies lift COVID mandates, and concerns about the virus wane, employers are increasingly calling their employees back to the office. That isn’t sitting well with some workers, including employees of The New York Times.

On Monday, September 12, The New York Times Guild union sent a letter to the paper revealing over 1,300 unionized staff members were pushing back against the company’s demand that they return to in-person work three days per week. Signatories also included members of the Wirecutter and NYT Tech Guild unions.

Employees stated that returning to the office comes with financial hardship. Gas, food, and clothing have become more expensive. The NY Times News Guild stressed that workers would continue to produce award-winning level work despite the attempt to change working conditions.

A company spokesperson said the number of days someone is required to be present at the facility is at the discretion of each department. They added that a hybrid home and office approach suits the company’s needs the best right now.

Employees are asking for an 8% wage increase, with a more than 5% cost-of-living increase in contract negotiations. The NYT has not agreed to the terms, and talks are continuing.

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