Pentagon Allegedly Scrapped Probe to Cover Up Misconduct

( – The Biden Pentagon reportedly scrapped an investigation into wrongdoings by a top commander. The California National Guard’s investigation focused on Col. Lisa Nemeth’s conduct after her 2020 appointment as commander of the 146th Airlift Wing. Confidential interviews and document reviews revealed she tried to keep a pilot from being fired after a DUI arrest, used subordinates for personal errands, and created poor morale.

The Pentagon allegedly halted the investigation in 2022. The decision followed a call from then-Lt. Gen. Michael Loh who believed the findings were incorrect and suggested sexism influenced the complaints. However, the inspector general who led the probe was a woman. Loh wanted the investigation reviewed by another woman.

Maj. Gen. David Baldwin, then-adjutant general of the California Military Department, received Loh’s call. Loh argued Nemeth was facing undue scrutiny and needed another review. Baldwin refused Loh’s request, keeping the investigation open. Eventually, the national Air Force inspector general reversed California’s findings and closed the case, claiming no actions or omissions compromised Nemeth’s character or standing.

Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, Baldwin’s successor, expressed shock at the reversal. Beevers found it perplexing that the Air Force IG dismissed all four substantiated allegations without new evidence. He believed the decision undermined military discipline and set a disturbing precedent.

The investigation had revealed concerns about Nemeth’s prioritization of training for the wing’s firefighting pilot team. Under her command, morale suffered, and staffing hit an all-time low. Nemeth’s handling of her second-in-command, who was arrested for DUI, also contributed to poor morale. She allowed the officer to resume flying two months after the arrest.

Nemeth faced accusations of making subordinates care for her dog at work, against wing rules. The investigation detailed instances of the dog urinating on the carpet, leading to a flight surgeon cleaning up and using taxpayer funds for supplies.

The Pentagon’s decision to scrap the investigation and cover up misconduct remains a controversial topic.

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