President Biden Keeps Lying About Republican Budget Cuts 

( – President Joe Biden is attempting to deflect from his disastrous economic and foreign policies by delivering dire rhetoric on the alleged attempts of Republicans to cut healthcare spending. Unfortunately for Biden, that’s not a Republican agenda item and they’ve emphatically stated as much multiple times. That won’t stop the President and his handlers from weaponizing the media and their public speaking opportunities to flat-out lie in an attempt to scare the public into supporting them.

In fact, the Republican party has been very clear on where it would like to see budget cuts: woke policies touting diversity, inclusion, and equity (the DIE trifecta) in education and health care are in the crosshairs, however. Republicans are also excited to eliminate woke positions at the Pentagon.

That’s not the party line coming from Democrats. Instead, their cheerleaders like deputy director of the National Economic Council Aviva Aron-Dine are claiming Republicans want “very deep cuts to programs that tens of millions of Americans count on.” Is she confusing Ukrainian war spending and wasteful woke indoctrination programs with Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid?

Biden has challenged Republicans to present their own budget, and some have taken up the proverbial gauntlet. Their proposal will cut $150 billion from the federal budget with $25 billion saved specifically by axing out the wokeness. Biden is ignoring it in favor of drumming up fear about what they might do, in his wildest dreams. He’s also pretending that the Democrats don’t control the Senate and the Presidency, meaning no extreme cuts could pass without Democratic approval and his signature. That won’t stop the dire pronouncements of doom should those pesky Republicans get their way.

The real fear is over Republicans cutting out their leftist agenda. They’re citing former President Donald Trump’s budget czar Russell Vought and using his budget proposal as a template. That’s without even touching defense spending, a bipartisan favorite with only a handful of Republicans daring to criticize the outrageous billions being sent to Ukraine with very little oversight.

Vought’s stated goal with his budget was to end the wokeness and weaponization of the government, the very things Democrats (and many Republicans) are so desperate to spend billions on.

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