Product RECALLED – It Causes Cancer!

Product Recalled Over Cancer-Causing Ingredient

Product Recalled Over Cancer-Causing Ingredient

( – Dry shampoo is a spray-on substance that absorbs oil and dirt in hair, making it appear clean without the need for a shower. Some of the most common shampoo brands carry a version in their product lines. Unilever, the parent company to 19 different brands, found something disturbing they couldn’t ignore in recent batches of the shampoos.

On October 18, Unilever recalled all products manufactured after October 2021 from store shelves and issued a voluntary recall to its customers. The issue is benzene, a chemical that might lead to anemia with enough daily exposure. The company stressed that while it detected the dangerous chemical and took immediate steps to solve the problem, the levels present don’t pose any significant health risk to the public.

The problem stems from the propellant used to shoot the product from the can. Unilever says it’s working with the manufacturer to address the issue. In the meantime, spray shampoo may not be the easiest product to find. The company owns Rockaholic, Bed Head, TRESemmé, Nexus, Dove, and Suave, covering a wide swath of the marketplace.

Benzene in propellants isn’t a new issue for the industry. Since last year, Johnson and Johnson had to recall its Neutrogena and Aveena spray products, and Edgewell Personal Care Company pulled some sunscreen from its Banana Boat line for the same reason.

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