Rank Hypocrisy: Multi-Millionaire Dem Congressman Stashed $32 Mil Offshore

(BrightPress.org) – One of the richest congressmen – who regularly advocates for higher taxes for the rich – has been outed as having tens of millions of dollars stashed in an offshore tax haven, according to Fox News Digital. Representative Daniel Goldman (D-NY) is part of a family nonprofit organization that reported over $32 million in assets stashed in the Cayman Islands.

Goldman, along with his siblings, established the Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation to protect their assets over a decade ago. Ostensibly the purpose of the nonprofit organization is to “promote equality,” not avoid additional tax burdens on his family’s wealth.

The December 2020 filings showed two separate investments being managed by the U.S.-based firm BBR Partners, LLC, totaling $32 million. The Cayman Islands have no capital gains, income, or foreign investment penalties, making it a perfect place for the super rich to stash their cash. The nonprofit also has a further $13 million in U.S. investments, and its total assets are valued at $82.2 million as of 2020 filings.

Goldman serves on the board of advisors and has been actively involved in managing the funds since 2018. He’s also a freshman democratic congressman who regularly suggests tax hikes. In early March 2023, he was advocating for higher taxes: “the wealthiest among us must help to provide more access for others to pursue the American dream,” he said in a statement.

He also announced co-sponsorship for the Billionaire Minimum Income Tax simultaneously. Earlier this year, he tweeted in support of increasing the size of the IRS, with plenty of protest from Republicans. He regularly tweets cliches like “we need to ensure that everybody – especially the wealthy – pays their fair share.”

In addition to having tens of millions stashed in a nonprofit, Goldman is also one of the heirs to the Levi Strauss fortune, and while no one is certain just how wealthy he is, estimates have pinned his personal fortune at between $64 million and $253 million. Not quite a billionaire, but maybe that’s why he’s okay with taxing them more.

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