Republican Rep. Says Government Shutdown Hasn’t Been Ruled Out

( – Rep. Garret Graves won’t rule out the possibility of another government shutdown due to the potential disruption by hardline Republicans who oppose further deficit spending. Speaking with “Face the Nation,” on Sunday, June 4th, Graves said that further negotiations will be required and that the outcome is “very difficult to predict.”

Graves was adamant that Republicans will continue to advocate for reductions in spending in order to bring the out-of-control spending that’s been going on since the pandemic back into line with normal levels.

He was also one of the Republicans in the House who helped negotiate the current deal that will allow the government to continue to borrow cash to pay all its bills on time and avoid a default.

Hardliners threatened to call for a vote to oust McCarty from his position as Speaker. A single Representative could make the motion and the vote to remove him requires a simple majority. It’s incredibly unlikely to pass, however, without universal support among Republicans, which doesn’t exist presently.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus including Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said that a vote of no confidence could be triggered if a majority of the Republicans voted against this deal. Calling it a “black-letter violation” of their previous arrangement to elect McCarthy to the Speakership, Gaetz suggested the motion to vacate McCarthy from the Speaker position would result if he used Democrats to pass it with the help of complicit RINO Republicans.

Other possibilities to reign in spending include using the appropriations process, negotiating over the budget itself, and taking a stronger stance against ridiculously long omnibus budget bills. These are all possibilities open to Congressional Republicans who actively want to restrain spending and pay down the national debt. It seems that only the so-called “Hardliners” are actually interested in that line of thinking, however.

Graves added that conservative Republicans want to “change the trajectory” when it comes to national spending, with more long-term considerations in mind.

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