Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

( – Every good citizen has a list of responsibilities. Now, not all of these duties need to be filled for a person to be considered a “good citizen.” However, the more of these responsibilities you fulfill, the better citizen you can be and the better your community can be. Below are only a few responsibilities we have as American citizens. How many of them do you take?

Staying Informed

One of the responsibilities a citizen has is to stay informed on issues in their communities. Now, this doesn’t only apply to the local community, but also on a regional and national scale at times. When the elections come around, it’s our duty to stay up to date and informed on the candidates before voting for them. When you stay informed, you know what to expect, which is ultimately a good thing.

Following the Law

This should be a no-brainer; however, we still see crimes committed throughout the country. As good citizens it’s our responsibility to follow and obey the law. Of course, not all of these laws seem just, but they were still passed, and all we can do is attempt to have them withdrawn. We all have laws to follow at the federal, state, county and local levels.

Just because something is legal in one community doesn’t mean it is in another, so be careful. A great example of this is the “wet” and “dry” counties in which “dry” counties do not allow the consumption of alcohol.

Involvement in Your Community

Any good citizen wants to see their community thrive. After all, that’s where you live and may be raising children, so you certainly don’t want it to be dangerous. One of the best ways to ensure your community succeeds is to volunteer and be involved. If all of the citizens in a community got together, they could make a serious difference; it’s just about getting people to follow your lead.


Perhaps the most important duty a citizen has, voting is what makes our country work properly. We elect officials to represent us and our communities on every level of government. Without our vote, our republic wouldn’t function, so how would anyone ever be elected? Without people being elected, there is no one to represent you or your community.

Your vote gives you the power to have a voice in the way our government works, in what ideas become laws and which laws get enforced. So go out and vote in the elections and don’t forget the most important elections are local.

We enjoy incredible liberties in this country, but they do come at a price. We each have a responsibility to ourselves and one another to be our best, contribute what we can and stay informed as much as possible. Our government is of the people, for the people and by the people — and that means each of us needs to be active participants.

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