Russia Leaks Intel Suggesting China Planned Taiwan Invasion in Fall

Russia Leaks Intel Suggesting China Planned Taiwan Invasion in Fall

( – While Russia struggles to overpower Ukraine after nearly three weeks of fighting to take the country, it may have other problems at home. On Wednesday, March 16, Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Wu, told lawmakers an anonymous analysis of China’s plans for the small island leaked out of Russia’s Federal Security Service by a group calling themselves Wind of Change. A whistleblower stated Russia knows China plans to invade Taiwan this fall.

Wu said regardless of China’s plans, Taiwan must stay prepared to defend itself. Some believe the whistleblower’s information could be accurate. The leaked report says Russia put the Asian country in a difficult position. It exposed the lengths the West would go to enact sanctions against Russia to prevent its president, Vladimir Putin, from running to China. Still, the United States could enact crippling sanctions on China, which depends heavily on exports. Even minor US sanctions with a bite could significantly harm China’s economy.

The whistleblower also said Chinese President Xi Jinping needed a win this fall to get re-elected for a third term. Due to the pressure from Russia, according to the leaked source, Chinese leadership planned to scrap its invasion of Taiwan for the time being.

The report contradicts Taiwan’s official intelligence indicating China likely wouldn’t invade for at least three years. Still, in warfare, both real and perceived, disinformation and misinformation can create an element of surprise.

So, who’s right? As Wu said, does it matter as long as Taiwan remains prepared for China’s possible attack?

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