Schwab Mocked for Megalomania at Davos

( — Elon Musk is up to his usual antics inspiring contrarian sentiments and critical thinking. This time he took aim at the World Economic Forum as their annual gathering in Davos, Switzerland was underway, as it is every year in January. World leaders, influential celebrities, and nameless titans of industry gather to discuss and plan their global initiatives while the likes of Elon Musk crack jokes and call them creepy.

Davos organizers were quick to point out that Elon was not invited, despite a troll post by the Twitter boss that claimed he wasn’t going “because it sounded boring as f***.”

Klaus Schwab officially kicked off the WEF summit with a call to “Master the Future,” which he described “the first step” which involved having a platform like the WEF where all the global oligarchs can gather and discuss important issues. Musk joked about the ominous overtones that call contained.

Replying to Michael Shellenberger’s tweet where he shared his piece, “Davos Is A Grift And A Cult But It’s Also A Bid For Global Domination” Musk mused, “I guess there’s value to having a mixed government & commercial forum of some kind. WEF does kinda give me the willies though, but I’m sure everything is fine.”

Schwab took particular pleasure in announcing a collaboration between WEF, Meta (Facebook’s parent company), and Interpol to create the WEF virtual village. The collaboration is expected to make “the system as safe as it can be,” Schwab said. “WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want,” Musk replied.

Musk is right to be skeptical, as world leaders who attend the summit seem to make the most bizarre statements while there. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was recently flagged for suggesting leaders need to make unpopular decisions in order “to be able to shape the public opinion [of tomorrow].” Considering their emphasis on net-neutral carbon, and maintaining global conflicts, one is incredibly skeptical these technocrats and billionaires know better.

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