SCOTUS Justices Home Addresses Revealed on Social Media

SCOTUS Justices Home Addresses Revealed on Social Media

SCOTUS Justices DOXXED – Absolutely Unreal

( – Following the leak of the draft of the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and after the official decision last month, protestors marched and made their voices heard at the homes of the six conservative SCOTUS justices. Ruth Sent Us, a pro-choice activist group, put the addresses of the justices online following the draft leak in May. Now, the addresses are appearing on social media platforms like Instagram and Reddit, in violation of the terms of service of those platforms.

Some posts are threatening more than just protests. They are also calling for violence. Instagram’s policy is to remove personal information meant to harass or blackmail someone. Reddit says posts containing harassment or personal or confidential information are prohibited.

According to 18 US Code Section 1507, it is a federal crime to protest near a judge’s residence if the intent is to interfere, obstruct, or influence a judge’s ruling. In addition, it’s also a violation of the law to use loud sound equipment when protesting against a judge. Virginia law also forbids protests at residential dwelling places of any individual.

Still, the Department of Justice has allowed the protests at the justices’ homes to continue without any consequences. Should this behavior have legal repercussions regardless of the leanings of a Supreme Court judge?

Protesting against the government is a protected Constitutional right in public spaces, but does America really want activists to protest at judges’ homes? Or, for that matter, at anyone’s home?

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