Singer Threatens Fans Who Vote For GOP Candidate

( – Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams had some choice words for fans of Republican primary candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. During a headlining performance at the Adjacent Music Festival, the starlet took the time to bash fans if they happened to support Ron DeSantis.

While on stage she pontificated how someone had asked her to get more “comfortable talking politics on tour.” She told fans at her Atlantic City show that she was “very f***ing comfortable” with the subject and then went on to say that “You’re f***ing dead to me” if you support DeSantis for president, which was received by the crowd with cheers.

DeSantis had been presumed in the running for some time but was unable to officially announce until the laws in Florida were changed so that he could run for president while being governor. The laws were changed and DeSantis had all the paperwork completed last week, making him officially in the running for the GOP nomination.

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding a key bill in Florida named the Parental Rights in Education Bill of 2022. That bill was infamously tarred as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by leftists online and in the media even though it does not outlaw the word “gay” in Florida. During the signing, DeSantis explained that very young children were being exposed to radical gender ideology, divisive woke racial ideology, and adult themes in books designed for children, some of which presented full cartoon pictures of adult romantic behaviors featuring child characters. 

Williams has dabbled into the political arena once before, last year when the bill was receiving a lot of flak from the media and digital activists, she decided to chant the word gay until she started singing it. She also misled her audience suggesting “the only reason I’m not moving to Florida” was because the word gay was illegal, which isn’t true and was never true. 

It’s an unfortunate reality that leftists and entertainers superficially regurgitate the lies spouted by party leadership without an ounce of fact-checking or independent critical thought.

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