Squad Member Defeated by Pro-Israel Centrist

(BrightPress.org) – George Latimer, a moderate who supports Israel, defeated Congressman Jamaal Bowman in a Democratic primary in suburban New York. This primary showed just how divided the party is about the war in Gaza.

This victory means Latimer has unseated one of the most liberal members of Congress and a vocal critic of Israel. Bowman accused Israel of genocide in Gaza, where military strikes have resulted in tens of thousands of Palestinian deaths and a humanitarian crisis.

Latimer, who entered the race at the urging of Jewish leaders, received substantial financial backing from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). A former state legislator, he has served as Westchester County executive since 2018.

In his victory speech, Latimer called for more civility after the heated election. He emphasized the need to avoid vilifying each other and reminded supporters that everyone shares a common future as Americans. He stressed the importance of debating, arguing, and finding ways to unite. He highlighted the duty of representatives to work across political divides to prevent the country from splintering.

Seeking his third term, Bowman wanted to represent a district in New York City’s northern suburbs. His loss is a significant setback for the party’s progressive faction and serves as a potential example for candidates to consider when crafting their positions on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

This loss also disrupted a generally stable primary season for congressional incumbents. Most current members of Congress have successfully repelled challenges from within their party. Yet, Republican Representative Bob Good faces a close competition against a challenger supported by Donald Trump, with the outcome still uncertain.

Bowman conceded his loss at an election party in Yonkers. He maintained his stance on justice, humanity, and equality, remaining unapologetic about his opposition to the war in Gaza.

Nearly $15 million was spent by AIPAC’s political action committee on the primary, broadcasting on airwaves and filling mailboxes with negative ads to unseat Bowman. AIPAC stated that the outcome shows the pro-Israel position is both good policy and good politics for both parties.

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