Squeegee Men Hit the Streets, Terrorizing Motorists

Squeegee Men Hit the Streets, Terrorizing Motorists

Squeegee SCAMMERS Terrorizing Motorists – Watch Out!

(BrightPress.org) – In New York City, residents have raised concerns about the spike in crime and the way prosecutors have handled the increase. In some instances, police arrest suspected offenders only for the judicial system to release them back onto the streets within a short period. Drivers in the Big Apple are now dealing with another problem from an unusual source.

According to reports, the infamous squeegee men show up on city streets every morning. When commuters are waiting at lights, unwanted window washers pop up. They carry sudsy buckets with them, target cars — often driven by women — then shake them down for money.

The squeegee squads walk up to the vehicle, lift the wipers, and start cleaning the glass. They don’t ask for permission and immediately demand payment for their work. The peddlers essentially extort motorists who want to be left alone.

If drivers refuse, the squeegee men leave the wipers up while the window is covered with bubbles so the driver can’t see. Observers say the men hit as many vehicles as possible and ignore those who refuse them.

NYC isn’t the only place where it’s happening. In Baltimore, a squeegee man shot a motorist to death after the driver attacked him with a bat. Residents in both cities have expressed frustration that officials are not doing enough to prevent what they believe is nothing more than a shakedown.

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