Suspected Arsonist Apprehended after Firebombing of Police Vehicle

( – Authorities in Oakland arrested Casey Robert Goonan, a 34-year-old man, on June 17th. Goonan is suspected of firebombing a University of California Police Department (UCPD) car and committing several other arson-related incidents at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB). Cal Fire officials confirmed the arrest, linking him to four arson attacks on UCB’s campus.

Facing multiple felony charges, including possession and use of destructive devices and several counts of arson, Goonan’s case has drawn significant attention. An anonymous post on Abolition Media claimed responsibility for placing an incendiary device under a UCPD vehicle, citing retaliation against the UCPD and solidarity with students affected by police actions at other campuses.

Another anonymous user, “student intifada,” took credit for firebombing Koshland Hall on the UCB campus, stating the act was in response to the university’s treatment of student protesters. This user emphasized that every building on the UCB campus deserved to be burned due to the administration’s actions.

Goonan was arrested at his parents’ home in Pleasant Hill, where he lived. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies conducted the raid. Goonan’s attorney, Jeff Wozniak, acknowledged the arrest and the involvement of multiple law enforcement agencies. Goonan’s background includes a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and a history of activist writings, where he expressed strong opinions on social justice issues.

The arson attacks linked to Goonan include firebombing a police car, setting fire to a campus building, and other incidents. The posts described acts of looting and experimental burning on campus, suggesting a pattern of targeted attacks in response to perceived injustices.

The UCPD reported an arson at the Dwinelle Annex Construction Site, aligning with the claims made in the anonymous posts. Goonan is currently held at Santa Rita Jail with a $1 million bail.

Goonan’s alleged actions are tied to his pro-Palestinian beliefs and opposition to the treatment of student protesters. His attorney argues that the investigation focuses on Goonan’s political beliefs, hoping the district attorney will not pursue charges.

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