Teacher’s Union Boss Randi Weingarten Lambasted By Commentators

(BrightPress.org) – Teachers’ union head Randi Weingarten was in the news for her viral moment demanding student loan cancellation outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, February 28th. Comparing student loan cancellation to pandemic policies and other bailouts for big business, Weingarten got emotional and visibly angered by the challenge being brought before the Supreme Court.

The Student Debt Crisis Center held a rally on the steps of the court as they are hearing arguments in the case as to whether or not President Biden has the constitutional authority to forgive $10,000 of student loan debt per person earning less than $125,000/year.

As is typical with passionate displays for controversial policies, the internet had a field day, with many commentators roasting Weingarten.

Radio host Jesse Kelly commented about her lack of self-awareness and referred to Weingarten as “communist John Denver.”

Actor Dean Cain pointed out that the blue and yellow (Ukraine’s flag uses the same colors) striping on their sign was just “a coincidence, I’m sure.”

Entrepreneur Kevin Dalton joked that he imagined Weingarten going “full on crazy cat lady” after the video cuts and lobbing cats at people after her speech ended.

Conservative trans commentator Chad Felix Greene summed her up by calling the display bullying, “hoping you’ll give them what they want to stop the hysteria.” This is a strategy often deployed by toddlers and other adults who were repeatedly indulged by their parents.

For folks unfamiliar with Weingarten, she’s one of the folks behind closing schools during the pandemic period. In fact, she’s publicly lamented the negative impacts of keeping schools closed and forcing students to learn over a laptop instead of in a classroom while being one of the chief advocates for such policies.

Journalist Karol Markowicz pointed out that out of everyone involved in teaching in America, she bears much of the responsibility for these disastrous policies. Instead of admitting her failure and growing as a result, Weingarten’s advocacy has shifted focus from keeping kids out of schools to getting government bailouts for bad loans.

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