Ted Cruz: Biden Nominee For FAA Head “Unqualified” 

(BrightPress.org) – President Biden’s nominee to lead the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is unqualified for the position, according to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Citing “enormous challenges” and the need to integrate new technologies, as well as maintain the safety of over 2 million passengers per day, Cruz stated Phil Washington lacks the necessary experience for the job.

While he has experience in the military and running individual airports, he does not have experience in aviation safety, according to Cruz.

Currently the CEO of Denver International Airport, he was nominated last year but was rejected after Republicans expressed similar concerns about his lack of relevant experience. Additionally, there were corruption allegations stemming from his prior position as CEO of LA Metro. Cruz lambasted the Biden administration, saying they were “playing politics with the flying public’s safety” and treating the position as “a patronage job.”

Cruz continued to list other problems with Washington’s work history, suggesting that the city agencies and airports he’s been responsible for have been heavily criticized for “mismanagement and wasteful spending.” He gave the example of a $200,000 sauna Washington wanted to be installed in LA Metro’s employee gym while city buses were catching fire and breaking down regularly.

Cruz cited a New York Times report that one of the rail projects in Denver, overseen by Washington, is over 30 years behind schedule with a $2 billion deficit. He suggested that wasteful spending and mismanagement leading to delayed projects was something “we want to change at the FAA, not continue.”

Finally, Cruz lamented the woke policies Washington has promoted while the CEO of LA Metro and subsequently Denver International Airport. Emphasizing again the need for safety when it comes to air travel, Cruz critiqued diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts as “political posturing” which doesn’t help travelers. The policies promote unqualified individuals with the ‘correct’ skin tone or preference in partner over competent applicants who happen to be white or male.

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