Test Alien Message To Be Broadcast From Mars

(BrightPress.org) – Get ready sci-fi fans, Earth received its first ‘alien’ signal on Wednesday, May 24th. The signal is part of a dry-run test rehearsal by researchers who used a European satellite in orbit around Mars to beam an encoded signal to Earth so that scientists could practice deciphering it in the event they receive a genuine signal from another civilization.

SETI’s Allen Telescope Array in northern California, the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia, and the Medicina Radio Astronomical Station in northern Italy processed the message and distributed it to a wide range of interested academics from all sorts of backgrounds. 

The project, named “A Sign In Space,” will go on for the next few weeks and is led by Daniela de Paulis, a multimedia artist currently residing in SETI’s Mountain View, California location. Commenting on man’s search for his life’s meaning through new or poorly understood phenomena, de Paulis stated that receiving a signal like this from an alien intelligence would change human society forever. 

Her project is intended as a rehearsal to run through the global collaboration and foster the relationships required to grapple with the potential of receiving a genuine alien message. Three major observatories received the signal and acted as hubs to distribute it to others who will work on the decryption. 

Project scientist Wael Farah with the Allen Telescope Array in California called it a chance “for the world to learn” and grow together to solve the problems involved in receiving, processing, decoding, and understanding an alien signal. This project represents the initial steps involved in communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence. 

If you want to attempt deciphering it, you’re welcome to get involved on the project’s website. The group will also host a series of Zoom talks in order to discuss and elaborate on the societal impacts of an alien message being received, register here to stay informed

It could also be the dry run for a deception of historic proportions. The information gathered through this experiment would prove invaluable if someone or some organization wanted to create a fake alien message for nefarious purposes.

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