The Link Between EMFs, 5G and Miscarriages, Infertility

( – Scientific evidence has linked electronic magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, the wireless energy used to transmit data from our favorite devices, to damaged organs and reproductive cells. Infertility is on the rise, with one in five couples seeking medical treatment in order to help them have a baby. Additionally, the rate of miscarriage is increasing by 1% per year, forcing people to inquire about what could be the cause.

Animal research has already shown that EMF signals can stress certain cells and damage others involved in the reproductive process. Female rats exposed to EMF had damage to their ovaries recorded, but sjimilar experiments in humans would be unethical and so the link hasn’t been proven yet. Other experiments showed that EMF could damage the egg cells or interfere with the process that releases them once a month. The egg-bearing follicles within the ovaries suffer damage, which could also interfere with achieving a healthy pregnancy.

In some cases, EMF was shown to increase the length of time it takes to achieve a pregnancy.

Male mice dosed with EMF from cell phones resulted in damaged testes. A 2021 study demonstrated that mice dosed with 4G radiation from cell phones developed irregular cells in their testes. A review of the literature from Electronic Physician showed a reduction and death of sperm-generating cells in male mice, as well as evidence that EMF damages DNA inside developing embryos.

Dr. Elizabeth Vliet believes there hasn’t been enough research on the impact of EMFs on human fertility. We’ve had evidence that EMF impacts the pineal gland, which produces hormones that control reproductive drive, sleep, and sperm/egg generation. Dr. Vliet advises the use of vitamins C, D, & E to mitigate the cellular stress EMFs cause. Antioxidants help cells cope with the DNA-damaging free radicals (oxidative stress) that are generated during metabolic activity.

University of Newcastle Prof. Geoffrey De Iuliis pointed out that sperm cells are particularly vulnerable to damage from oxidative stress. Sperm cells are very small compared to normal cells, making them easier to harm with radiation. Antioxidants won’t help there, so men are advised to think about where they put their cell phones and laptops if they’re trying to have a baby.

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