These Home Gadgets Are DANGEROUS – Remove Them Now!

These Home Gadgets Are Dangerous for Everyone

These Home Gadgets Are Dangerous for Everyone

( – Technology never stops changing. The cell phones on store shelves today look nothing like they did two decades ago. As machines improve, however, they can leave older models behind, forgotten and unsupported. Some of those aging tech gadgets could, unfortunately, be extremely dangerous to keep around.

Old phones top the list of things that could cause actual physical harm. A popular YouTuber who bought every model of Samsung phone ever made found that as they age and sit, their batteries swell and break the glass.

The YouTuber’s findings are consistent with common warnings about devices with rechargeable batteries. They have a tendency to catch fire, often after sitting untouched for months. Never charge a swollen battery, and contact your current carrier for proper disposal methods.

Old power strips are also risky when left unchecked. Check for residue around the slots, swelling, and melting of any kind. Power strips should be recycled and replaced every few years for safety.

Internet routers are next on the list, not for physical harm, but for personal security. If your router is more than a few years old, there’s a good chance it doesn’t properly protect against the current list of threats. Contact your internet service provider and ask them if your model is secure.

Gadgets can be great when they’re properly used, updated, maintained, and — when their time has come — properly recycled.

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