Transgender Activists Take To Social Media On Mother’s Day

( – Transgender activists, miffed at the concept of a mother being the female who births their child – and thus earns the title – decided that the day was just a little too exclusionary for their preferences. One transgender “woman” took to TikTok to suggest that the gender-neutral “Parents’ Day” should replace the previously separate holidays we’ve called Mother’s and Father’s Days.

“I feel like a mom, but who celebrates me?” he asked. Notice the self-referential nature of the post. In typical fashion, social media brings out the inner narcissist.

In another video, a person with a bright pink wig and makeup asks their daughter what she thinks of a comment suggesting they are “not a mother.” The child responds, as if rehearsed: “You are my mom, you are my mom,” she repeats. One of the common semantic tropes leftists deploy is redefining terms. By blurring definitions, they lie by implying that folks who refuse the updated definitions are morally inferior.

A transgender man complained about the lack of transgender-specific cards that bluntly let parents know their child’s demands for how they are addressed in another video.

A woman posing with a trans woman made a video where they offered a toast to anyone who calls themselves a mother, regardless of their biological status. Notice the shift in semantics pushes the term “mother” further afield from the traditional definition of “a female parent.” Anyone can be a mom, as long as they identify as one. If the only requirement is a declaration, doesn’t that dilute the meaning of the word?

Mother’s Day is a particular favorite target for radical leftists. Last year Calvin Klein took the opportunity to include a pregnant transgender man in its Mother’s Day advertisements. The adverts featured a topless trans man with his breast removal scars plainly visible along with his pregnant belly labeled the “realities of new families.” How many of the new families stick together and produce happy healthy offspring remains to be seen.

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