Trump Surges As Republicans Rally Over Indictment

( – A new poll shows Donald Trump is still supported by a majority of Republicans while a majority of overall voters would prefer another candidate. The PBS/Marist poll showed a widening gap between conservatives, liberals, and independents with most opinions lining up with party affiliations.

Most Democrats (87%) and independents (58%) would prefer Trump to drop out of the presidential race. Precisely half of independents polled now believe Trump has “done something wrong.” That number has gone up 9% from the last poll which was taken shortly before Trump lost a New York civil case where he was accused of misdeeds with a lady in a department store. Is the publicity of these indictments leading people to believe the Democrat narrative that Trump is guilty?

The opposite is true of conservative and Republican-leaning voters. Republicans favor Trump 64% in the primary for the presidential nomination with as many as 83% reporting their preference that he stays in the race. Those preferring Trump for the primary have gained 8 points in the same time frame, showing that the more he’s attacked by the establishment the further divided the populace becomes.

People who believe that Trump has “done something wrong” have remained relatively consistent since the previous poll in March. The number has actually dropped 2% from 75% in March to 73% now. 25% of Americans polled still maintain Trump has done nothing wrong. That’s contrasted with Democrats of whom 78% maintain Trump has done something wrong. The number of independent-leaning voters who agree has increased 9 points from 41% to 50%.

The Democrats will continue to assault Trump with as much negative publicity as they can conjure. That’s standard politics. What’s never happened before has been the use of partisan district attorneys and political allies in states where they can generate a criminal indictment against their primary presidential rival. Voters can expect further controversy and allegations of wrongdoing as the 2024 primary continues to heat up.

President Joe Biden’s polling numbers have been dismal for years, for comparison.

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