Trump’s Lawyers Plan To Prove Jack Smith Wrong

( – Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall suggested a “very simple” strategy to shut down Special Counsel Jack Smith’s charges against Donald Trump: prove him wrong. Trump was arraigned in D.C. on Thursday, August 3rd, over allegations that he contributed to the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Binnall spoke with Fox host Jesse Watters that evening to discuss the latest indictment.

These latest charges are specific to January 6th and pertain to politically protected speech that Trump made in reference to the 2020 election and his belief that the outcome was rigged against him. Previously, Smith conjured a 37-count indictment against Trump pertaining to his handling of documents taken upon leaving office for his presidential papers collection.

Trump said he was “not guilty” in response to each of the four counts against him in this latest indictment.

Binnall said he planned to “attack the facts” since everyone Smith has proffered is wrong. He pointed out that Trump’s behavior on Jan 6th was exemplary and suggested all he did was call for calm and peaceful protest from his supporters. Smith’s contention that he caused a riot is simply not true, Binnall claimed. Additionally, he argued that Smith is also wrong when it comes to the law in this case. He further suggested that Smith is completely ignoring the First Amendment.

Binnall added that the First Amendment not only protects political speech critical of the government or its behavior, but one must also remember that it gives each and every American the right to redress grievances or complain about any perceived wrongs.

Harvard law professor and famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz said that the indictment ignores not only the First Amendment but also the Sixth Amendment which protects Trump’s right to counsel. All of the co-defendants named in the latest indictment were lawyers or political consultants working for Trump to devise a legal strategy to challenge the results of the 2020 election, as was his right under the law.

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