Tucker Carlson Tells Why Robert Kennedy Jr Is Being Targeted

(BrightPress.org) – Tucker Carlson, famously removed from his show on Fox News over the settling of a lawsuit with voting corporation Dominion, has been making waves on Twitter. So far, Carlson has released six short video monologues where he highlights something that the establishment doesn’t want the public to know. In his latest installment, Carlson lays out why the establishment is so vitriolic when it comes to Robert Kennedy Jr and his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Carlson suggested the media has never hated any candidate for President like they hate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The New York Times attacked Robert Kennedy Jr. in the very first sentence of their article covering his announcement, claiming RFK is “shaking America’s faith in science.” Donald Trump had to wait until the 17th paragraph before the Times cited a poll to suggest he was “wildly disliked by some.”

CBS denounced RFK, Jr. as “misleading and dangerous.” NPR had an entire segment that painted him as an anti-vaxxer. Variety explained that members of his family hated him. Carlson explained that the media has despised Kennedy since he wrote an article in 2005 that laid out an argument for a connection between autism and childhood vaccines, a concept that has since been debunked by medical professionals.

He’s been called a “nazi” and had his Instagram account shut down. Youtube pulled down an interview he recently did with Dr. Jordan Peterson citing “community guidelines and misinformation.” Carlson shared a clip where RFK was on Joe Rogan’s podcast explaining that aluminum adjuvants and other chemicals in the vaccines contribute to allergies, eczema, and food intolerances. “Why do 5 of my 7 children have allergies?” Kennedy asked.

Carlson called him curious and suggested that, for that reason, he was dangerous to the established order.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Robert Kennedy Jr., he’s in great shape. So far he’s the only presidential candidate to go viral for lifting weights while shirtless.

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