Tucker Carlson’s New Show Racks Up Millions Of Views

(BrightPress.org) – Former Fox News primetime anchor Tucker Carlson’s new 10-minute Twitter show was released on June 6th and became an instant viral sensation, accumulating over 100 million views at the time of writing.

The short special simply captioned “Ep. 1” reviewed the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam where he gave an analysis of the media’s treatment. The corporate press has been heavily biased in favor of claiming Russia destroyed the dam. Carlson suggests the opposite, that it was Ukraine (in concert with Western intelligence and military assets) that was responsible as the destruction hurt Russia more than it does Ukraine.

Carlson relayed a quote from the Washington Post where they interviewed a Ukrainian general. In their interview, the general admitted his men had used American weapons to attack the flood as a “test strike.” He continued to elaborate on some other facts that the corporate press refuses to cover.

He compared the attack to the destruction of the Russian natural gas pipeline, the Nordstream 2, which was destroyed in September 2022. He pointed out that the latest information is that Ukraine was responsible for that as well, using a small team of divers, and that the U.S. knew well in advance.

He reviewed some footage of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky in which the two giggled with glee over the idea of American tax dollars buying the deaths of Russian soldiers. “The aroma of death has aroused Lindsey Graham,” Tucker jabbed.

He had words for Republican primary candidate Nikki Haley as well. Haley had recently given a CNN townhall style appearance, much like Donald Trump. In her appearance, Haley argued for the continued support of Ukraine because it’s important to American national security. Carlson called Haley’s argument a tautology, pointing out that Haley failed to give any specific reason why support for Ukraine is mandatory. Carlson blasted Haley for using tautologies, “illegitimate arguments,” he called them. “Only dumb people talk like that.”

Carlson continued, suggesting Americans were some of the least informed people on the planet due to being lied to consistently “at full volume for years.” Carlson’s show is certain to keep people glued to Twitter, as many of his viewers no longer watch Fox News.

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