U.S. Government Angrily Demanded Censorship of Accurate COVID Info – The Twitter Files

(BrightPress.org) — Everyone on Twitter received a Boxing Day present in the form of a new round of Twitter Files drops relating to the government and Twitter’s censorship of what they called was “dangerous misinformation.”

David Zweig is an American journalist and author, his mega-thread from December 26th, 2022 dived into the details of “how Twitter rigged the COVID debate.” He claimed Twitter: 1.) censored true, but inconvenient information for public health authorities, 2.) discredited doctors and other experts who contravened their claims, and 3.) suppressed ordinary users, some of who shared the CDC’s own data.

Zweig shared a screenshot from a memo by Lauren Culbertson, Twitter’s Head of U.S. Public Policy after she had a meeting with White House officials. The tweet read that “The Biden team was not satisfied” and asked “Twitter to do more and de-platform several accounts.” The memo went on to state that their dissatisfaction lead to several more calls that were “very angry in nature.”

Zweig said that the communications he reviewed suggested Twitter employees would debate moderation requests “in great detail” suggesting that the government was even more zealous in wanting to suppress free speech than Twitter had been. Imagine that.

He elaborated on three major problems with Twitter’s moderation process: 1.) Bots using AI & machine learning did a lot of the work, 2.) contractors in non-English speaking countries were also used, 3.) execs at Twitter set the parameters for the bots and the overseas moderators with a heavy bias toward establishment dogmas.

“Inevitably, dissident yet legitimate content was labeled as misinformation,” Zweig tweeted. He added that the profiles of doctors and other experts were given the boot or temporarily suspended for tweeting both true information and their professional opinions.

Zweig highlighted one tweet by then-President Trump that encouraged folks to not be afraid of Covid19. Ex-FBI cum Twitter General Counsel Jim Baker asked why it wasn’t a violation of their COVID-19 Misinformation Policy. Yoel Roth (mired in controversy himself) had to explain that optimism or encouragement wasn’t misinformation.

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