U.S. Training Ukrainian Soldiers in Germany

(BrightPress.org) — What’s happening in Ukraine is anyone’s guess as the fog of war tends to be impenetrable due to language barriers and nonstop high-grade propaganda from both sides. Current fighting seems to be centered in the southeast of the country in what is called the Donetsk region with a focus on the town of Soledar and the nearby city of Bakhmut. The fighting has been ongoing in that area for several months.

There have been reports of Russia using missiles to attack the cities of Kyiv and Dnipro, though it’s a challenge to know with any certainty who is responsible.

U.S. General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited Grafenwoehr, Germany on Monday, January 16th to inspect a new U.S. initiative to train 500 Ukrainian soldiers on advanced tactics, equipment, and weapons. The end goal is to have these soldiers trained, armed, and battle-ready in five to eight weeks, according to a statement by Gen. Milley.

The weapons and tactics training should allow the soldiers to better respond to Russian aggression as well as initiate some of their own, according to the Pentagon.

CIA-friendly reporters traveling with Milley eagerly relayed how the “complex training” with “an array of new weapons” would allow Ukraine to recover some of the territories they’ve lost over the past eleven months.

“This support is really important for Ukraine to be able to defend itself,” Milley continued expressing sentiments to get these guys trained up quickly and back into the fight with their fancy new war toys, which include armored vehicles, artillery, and mobile rocket launchers.

This new program will give Ukraine advanced technology and people trained to use it. Milley wants to personally supervise the delivery of the equipment as well as the training. He also said he’ll be looking to see if they need anything else, like another hundred billion dollars.

Keep in mind the U.S. has already trained roughly 3,100 Ukrainian troops on advanced weapons, along with other NATO countries and these types of programs are ongoing and have been since 2014.

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