Ukraine War Spending Out Of Control, Untold Billions Wasted Or Stolen

( – With $113 billion being sent so far with promises for more from both President Joe Biden and the war-loving faction of the Republican party, are there any assurances that the money will be well spent? What if we asked the Inspector General who reviewed the Afghanistan war?

John Sopko is the special inspector general assigned to the Afghanistan reconstruction effort, and they found billions of dollars of wasted money over the decades the US meddled in their internal affairs. In a new interview with Fox News Digital, Sopko warned that “significant mistakes” were made during our military efforts in Afghanistan and implied that nothing has changed with regard to oversight since.

Sopko pointed out that the more money that is spent, inevitably more will be wasted over time. He also pointed out that corruption is a significant concern and that it’s multifaceted. Corruption can occur within our own institutions as well as the host country and any third-party contracted corporations or individuals. Is anyone looking for it in Ukraine?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is one of the few. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) has also called for an audit – but don’t worry, the White House has assured us that there’s “no indication” of corruption or abuse. Presuming they aren’t lying outright, one can avoid finding evidence if they simply don’t look at all.

CBS deleted a tweet and apologized after their promotion for a documentary called “Arming Ukraine” suggested weapons weren’t getting to soldiers on the frontlines. Logistical difficulties were cited as responsible, not corruption – and how dare they imply such a thing, one Ukrainian official suggested. Curiously, there’s still plenty of evidence of corruption for anyone who does look.

Greene promised legislation to demand an audit on war spending on an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on February 23rd. Accusing Joe Biden and his handlers of leading us in World War 3, Greene lambasted Democrats, calling them out of touch and disconnected from the needs of average Americans.

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