Ukrainian Politician Responds to “Upsetting” GOP Debate Comments

( – The $75 billion in cash and equipment provided to Ukraine by the U.S. may not be enough for them to win their war against Russia, according to one Ukrainian politician. Lesia Vasylenko spoke with CNBC on their show “Squawk Box Europe” in order to respond to some of the comments made by Republican presidential candidates during the first debate in which they stated they’d limit or stop sending material and cash to Ukraine.

Vasylenko called it “quite concerning” after suggesting the U.S. was the most supportive nation which is a “baseline for democracy” around the world.

GOP contenders are divided over the issue with Vivek Ramaswamy being the most outspoken critic of continued financial support for the European war. Ramaswamy said he is against endless spending for Ukraine and called the investment to date “disastrous.” He added that the European conflict is distracting from pressing issues here at home.

Vasylenko made an emotional plea on the show to “keep democracy alive in Ukraine.” Ukraine however is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, just a few weeks ago regional military recruitment chefs were all fired over corruption claims. Given the fog of war, it’s impossible to tell how U.S. taxpayer dollars are being spent and what percentage is actually going to fund the war. Even with years of U.S. support, Ukraine is no closer to winning the war. Many European politicians are cutting off further aid as they believe Ukraine can’t win.

The US has given over $75 billion in aid, covering cash, humanitarian, and equipment. They’ve been given weapons, vehicles, training, supplies, and endless media support. Not to mention Elon Musk and the U.S. providing advanced logistical support with satellite images and satellite-based-internet service.

The UK has contributed almost $6 billion and the EU also provided an equivalent sum of around $6 billion in aid. The EU also changed its longstanding policy of withholding lethal weapons expressly for Ukraine.

Ukraine for its part has been criticized for lacking gratitude and expressing entitlement. At a NATO summit in July, officials made the critique of Ukrainian politicians who consistently made demands for support while failing to deliver success on the battlefield.

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