Ukrainian War Leaks Embarrass Biden Administration, Republicans Will Investigate

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wants some answers about how information was leaked from the Pentagon regarding American troops being on the ground in Ukraine. In a tweet on the subject, McCarthy seemed more concerned about the leaking of the information than the explosive details of the leaks which suggested active military from several NATO countries were on the ground in Ukraine. He vowed Congress “will get answers.” 

Presumed guilty before he could have a trial, 21-year-old National Guardsman Jack Teixeira is being blamed for the leak in which several slides from a classified PowerPoint were shared to the chat app Discord and spread like viral wildfire from there. While the media has been attempting to spin the story about the young man himself, congressional Republicans are far more interested in how he had access to such high-level military intelligence. 

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is known for his outspoken takes, he similarly asked how an “E-3 in the Air National Guard” had access to the information at all

In response to the leaks, the Biden administration pondered expanding its ability to monitor social media. Conservatives found the implication startling.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Green (R-GA) is another firebrand congresswoman who endorsed the release. She quote-tweeted writer Michael Tracey who pointed out several key takeaways from the leaked documents: 1.) Zelensky seeks to attack Russia itself, 2.) US/NATO special forces are on the ground in Ukraine, 3.) The U.S. is spying on Ukrainian leaders, 4.) Ukraine has already attacked Belarus. 

The Democrats stayed mostly mum on the subject, they do love to support that war with their Ukrainian flag emojis and frequent spending more American tax money on the conflict. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t help herself – she had to deflect to Speaker McCarthy giving J6 footage to Tucker Carlson, which wasn’t a leak of classified information, despite her deceptive mischaracterization. 

Regardless of what anyone thinks about the Ukrainian conflict, there’s been no formal declaration of war and Joe Biden’s administration has been caught sending American troops into the conflict while lying about it. What else are they lying about? Perhaps it’s time for impeachment? 

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