Utah Governor Receives Bizarre Request

Utah Governor Receives Bizarre Request

(BrightPress.org) – Seriously, some people have nothing better to do with their time than allow their imaginations to run wild. We all occasionally meet people who have interesting legal last names. Sometimes, they’re spelled or pronounced with hints of words that some people might deem offensive. In the case of Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox, it’s hard to grasp how one person came up with the offense without a filthy mind.

The governor’s office shared an interesting letter from a constituent that demanded the governor change his “foul, dirty and obscene” last name or face the wrath of some voters. Okay, phonetically, the governor’s last name can sound like a profane word to describe men’s private parts, but it’s a far stretch. The structural spelling is nothing like the vulgar term.

The letter writer threatened to start a recall petition if the governor didn’t respond to the demand. The governor took the letter in stride and reposted it to share in some good, decent humor. Sarcastically, Cox posted a picture of the letter and said he appreciated the criticism and constructive feedback he gets from voters. He added comical emojis such as a flushed face to inject some humor into the situation.

It’s safe to bet that Gov. Cox won’t be changing his name anytime soon.

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