Victims of Child Gender Surgery Seek Damages

( – More detransitioners are suing their medical providers who they claim herded them through the process of medical gender reassignment resulting in irreversible changes to their minds and bodies. Gender dysphoria is feeling repulsion or discomfort with one’s body, specifically in regard to gender.

It is often experienced by nascent gay youth whose attraction to their own gender can be confused for believing they were “born in the wrong body.” It can also result from trauma; many detransitioners and transgender people have spoken publicly about their various experiences of childhood trauma and how that affected their relationship with their gender.

Chloe Cole and Kayla Lovdahl are both suing Kaiser Permanente in California courts for pushing both women through hormonal and surgical treatments when they were minors and unable to give real consent for the procedures. Their lawsuits allege medical negligence for failure to investigate alternative causes for the patients’ symptoms. Lovhal’s mother repeatedly suggested her diagnosis of bipolar disorder could indicate a similar condition in her daughter, Kayla.

Their suits follow Camille Kiefel, a young woman from Oregon who sued her providers for encouraging her to get a “nonbinary affirming double mastectomy,” which is an experimental new type of mastectomy. Kiefel suffered complications and found that altering her diet helped reduce her psychological problems more than the surgical knife did. Her suit was unfortunately dismissed on a technicality, according to her lawyers though they are pursuing further litigation in the matter.

The issue is being scrutinized across the country and in other parts of the world. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) recently went viral for his interrogation of a pro-transgender witness who couldn’t name one study that showed the benefits of undergoing a medical gender transition.

Academia and professional medical organizations seem to be primarily responsible for the assumption that allowing children to undergo these experimental treatments is a good idea. Brown University came under fire in 2018 for censoring the results of a study that suggested rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) could be the result of social contagion.

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