Video Shows Mysterious Lights Above Las Vegas

( – Another UFO sighting in Las Vegas prompted more discussion of alien life and strange lights in the sky. Just a few weeks ago a family claimed a craft had crashed in their backyard and they saw 8-10 foot beings with “huge eyes” staring at them from the crash site.

In this latest footage, two lights in the sky were seen floating near each other. The lights looked like short beams of orange light in the 45-second clip. As the clip proceeds, the second beam appears perpendicular to the first. The footage was recorded on June 22nd, around 10:30 pm. The objects persisted in the sky for “20-minutes straight” according to the witness who filmed the footage.

Their footage was corroborated by a second post to social media which showed two interlocking circular beams of white light in the sky. Commentators suggested it could have been Venus, but given a recent UFO “crash-landing” in Las Vegas people are speculating that the lights are something else entirely.

On April 30th an object fell from the sky. The green fireball was presumed to be a meteor and was witnessed by observers across the southwest from San Diego to Tucson and Las Vegas. Police installed advanced surveillance equipment atop the home of a family who reported that the fireball was actually an alien craft that landed in their backyard.

Doug Poppa is a former policeman who broke the story and spoke with the witnesses and he couldn’t understand why police would install cameras if they didn’t think something seriously strange had happened. Police insisted that the cameras were to deter UFO-nuts from bothering them, but Poppa is skeptical of that explanation.

After interviewing the family for his podcast, Poppa said he believes the witnesses are credible. They claimed beings “100 percent not human” were in their backyard after a greenish object fell from the sky. Calling the being an “8-foot person” they described the entities as “very large” and said, “They look like aliens.” They further described them as having big shiny eyes and a large mouth.

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