Viral Video Features Deprogramming From White Privilege Beliefs

( – Savannah Hernandez is a reporter for Turning Point USA who is famous for her on-the-street interviews where she challenges leftists to defend their narratives. During an outing at the University of Texas, Austin, she captured a video where she was able to disabuse the notion of white privilege with a few simple questions. Watch here.

“What privileges do you have that I don’t have?” she asked the young man when he brought up white privilege. That tripped him up, as he wasn’t able to specifically enumerate any examples. Continuing, she asked him if it was a problem for white people to think they have more privileges than black people.

The young man replied suggesting that it was “an agenda that has pushed off” and acknowledged he had to work to get where he was. Hernandez then asked why he felt like he had to perform the white-guilt ritual. He responded that it came from a place of caution, suggesting that today you never know what kind of interview you’re walking into. He also acknowledged the tendency of leftists to “cancel” people at the drop of a hat.

“Based” internet dad, psychologist, and professor Jordan Peterson said the interview was “so sad,” and “heart-breaking.” Describing the use of cultural programming to install virtue signaling to naive youngsters as unforgivable, he highlighted the exchange as another example of the dangers of pathological ideologies.

Commentator and researcher Dr. Sydney Watson suggested it was “the first non-aggressive interaction this kid has had about this topic,” which seems to be the case given his trepidation and introductory disclaimer.

Journalist Andy Ngo suggested the young man was “simping,” an internet euphemism for groveling, or using passivity to gain another’s good will or sympathy.

His anxiety is palpable, and it’s not just because he’s on camera. He acknowledges his fear of being canceled, and that’s something common to all young people today. It may partially explain the dramatic rise in anxiety reported by young people over the last few years. That article referenced a survey by 800 young adults aged 18-24 in California, over 86% of whom responded suggesting they consistently experienced anxiety.

Is wokeness damaging the mental wellbeing of our youth?

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