VP Harris Requires COVID Test for Senators and Their Families

(BrightPress.org) — Kamala Harris is demanding senators who want their picture taken with her during the swearing-in ceremonies have a negative COVID test within 24 hours of the event for themselves and any of their family members in attendance.

An email message from the U.S. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Protocol Office was obtained by Breitbart News after being sent out to all Senate offices.

“The Vice President’s office has requested that we send their standard COVID-19 protocol…” the email stated. A forwarded message from the Vice President’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Grisella Martinez laid that their expectation that anyone “over two years of age who will interact with the Vice President take a medically-administered antigen test within 24 hours” of the event. She additionally reminded recipients this was required regardless of vaccination status.

Every new congress has a re-enactment of the swearing-in ceremony that has traditionally allowed senators to appear with their families and snap a picture with the Vice President. Breitbart news is reporting that many of these Senators “are uneasy” with the testing requirements for their young family members.

Pointing to the fact that the Biden administration is in court attempting to have the pandemic declared over so that they can end Title 42 restrictions, one source close to a senator suggested the requirement was “beyond ridiculous.” Children and grandchildren of incoming senators “should not be subjected to this insanity so Kamala can pretend to care about fighting coronavirus. At what point does the madness end?”

Some sources have claimed that the incoming Senators are so offended that they may skip the photo op shunning the Vice President on their first day. That’s one way to decline the testing requirement.

Kamala herself has been mired with criticism for her failure to improve the situation at the southern border. Instead of going to the border and seeing the situation for herself, she’ll be heading to Chicago for the fifth time in six months to tout the ‘accomplishments’ of the Biden administration.

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