Washington State Seeks Ways To Criminalize Free Speech

(BrightPress.org) – Washington state is looking for more ways to empower the government to silence critics of the Democratic party. State Attorney General Bob Ferguson dropped a 31-page report in 2022 with his recommendations to reduce domestic extremism, curiously absent was any reference to Antifa, the grassroots leftist organization causing all kinds of chaos in Seattle and Portland, including assaults, attacks on government buildings, and riots.

When it comes to specific recommendations, the report is sorely lacking. In fact, its biggest suggestion is to “identify legal options” to deal with counter-narrative information and activists. Tipping their hand, the report mentions “online disinformation” and “extreme white supremacism” neither of which caused the 2020 Floyd Riots which resulted in dozens of deaths and billions in property damage, much of it in Washington state.

Liv Finne is the director of education at the Washington Policy Center, and she warned that this is inching us closer to a two-tiered justice system. Given what happened to the J6 defendants, many have suggested we’re already there. She pointed out that the report clearly targets one side of the political aisle and dangerously conflates constitutionally protected free speech with physical violence.

The report doesn’t define extremism, radicalization, or disinformation but given how leftists and corporate media have used those terms in recent years, it shouldn’t be difficult to parse the intent here. Finne warns that the government will become the arbiter of truth and seek to prosecute dissenters in a clear violation of the First Amendment. She calls Ferguson’s vision a radical departure from moderate Democratic ideals and values where he seeks to criminalize speech that threatens his party’s power.

We saw similar sentiments from Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who was so incensed by a public airing of the J6 footage that he demanded Fox News censor Tucker to prevent him from showing more footage or expressing politically protected opinions that damage government claims about what happened that day.

Democrats (and many Republicans) lie easily and often in order to present a specific view of reality. Americans should utilize their rights under the Constitution to speak out against this kind of rank authoritarianism before all protesters are classified as criminals by the state.

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