Washington State Wants To Let Kids Transition Without Parental Consent

(BrightPress.org) – Washington State will enshrine trans “rights” into law with their bill that would prevent parents from stopping their kids should they elect to medically change their gender. Senate Bill 5599 would create a legal space for minors to run away from home and be housed by “hosts” who are not required to notify parents of their child’s whereabouts or if they’re undergoing “gender-affirming care.” 

The new law would create a category called “protected health care services” which would include puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and/or surgery. If the minor child identifies as two-spirit, transgender, nonbinary, or otherwise, they would qualify for protections under the bill should they elect to transition without parental consent. 

The bill creates a special loophole for kids if there is a “compelling reason” they can’t get consent from their parents. The bill defined that term as any circumstances that suggest the minor would suffer abuse or neglect should they inform their parents or seek their approval for treatment. 

Governor Jay Inslee has already said he’ll sign it into law. Republicans and conservatives are decrying it as a clear violation of parental rights. 

They argue that the bill strips parents of their rights and responsibilities to maintain the safety and mental health of their children. Some have called it legalized kidnapping, a common theme in trans sanctuary legislation. Jeff Younger is a Texas father who had his young son kidnapped by his ex-wife and relocated to California, all the while the family courts affirmed her decision to allow their youngest son to transition to female.

Similar legislation is also cropping up in Vermont and New York. As many states around the nation elect to outlaw these medical treatments on children, some states are enshrining the choice into law. One would think the existence of detransitioners – people who regret their transition and choose to reverse it – would be enough to encourage politicians and medical experts to issue a moratorium on these procedures for minors. 

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