White House Offers to Pay Interns for First Time

White House Offers to Pay Interns for First Time

White House Offers NEW PUBLC SERVICE For First Time In History

(BrightPress.org) – Not since the 1990s have White House interns made headlines, but this time the news is good. These hard-working members of the team no longer have to clock in for free. The White House announced on June 2 that it would pay all participants in the White House Internship Program. Payment will begin in the summer term, and it marks the first time interns have ever received monetary compensation for their service.

President Joe Biden’s administration made the decision to pay the staffers because working unpaid internships places burdens on people participating in the program. The White House hopes to make the positions more diverse and provide more opportunities to lower-income individuals by offering them stipends.

Interns will each receive a payment of $6,000 for their service. The money for the program’s new compensation element comes from the funding bill Congress passed earlier in 2022.

Interested individuals must be at least 18-years-old and be in college or have graduated in the past two years. Positions are also open to veterans with high school diplomas who have served in the previous two years.

The summer term application deadline has already closed, but the fall term opens on June 13. Applicants must complete submissions by June 24. The term begins on September 12 and runs through December 16.

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