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Corrections Officer Arrested for Crimes Against Inmate

(BrightPress.org) - A corrections officer from Suffolk County, New York was busted for allegedly forcing an inmate to have adult relations with him and...

Conor McGregor Under Investigation in Ireland

(BrightPress.org) - Former UFC champ Conor McGregor is being scrutinized by Irish authorities for a series of posts on X (Twitter) where he suggested...

Knowledge & Assets

Want to go back to school? Is your credit shot and you aren’t sure how to fix it? Are you among the staggering 80% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck right now? Look no further than Knowledge & Assets. We have something here for everyone.

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Jan 6th Footage Set To Be Released To The Public

(BrightPress.org) - Conservative activists demanding the release of all the January 6th surveillance footage may finally see their request granted. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)...

Everything You Need to Know about Downpayment Assistance Programs

Know This Before Looking For a Down Payment Assistance Program (BrightPress.org) - When deciding to buy a house, many people soon realize they are not...


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