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California GOP Outraged at Missing $24 Billion Spent on Homelessness

(BrightPress.org) - The state of California failed to consistently track the effectiveness of spending $24 billion to tackle the state’s homelessness crisis over the...

Biden Gives Away Another $7.4 Million for Student Loans

(BrightPress.org) - President Joe Biden is taking another swing at student loan forgiveness. The administration believes this attempt will be more successful because there...

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Want to go back to school? Is your credit shot and you aren’t sure how to fix it? Are you among the staggering 80% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck right now? Look no further than Knowledge & Assets. We have something here for everyone.

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Woman Goes on Shooting Spree Because of Eclipse

(BrightPress.org) - A woman claims God told her to go on a shooting spree in Florida during the eclipse on April 8th. Twenty-two-year-old Taylon...

Suspect Arrested After Arson Outside Senator’s Office

(BrightPress.org) - An individual has been arrested in connection with a fire that was set at the entrance door of Senator Bernie Sanders’ office...


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