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Do you start your day by looking for a US-based news publication dedicated to reporting important and entertaining stories accurately and fairly? You’re in the right place. We know how tired you are of sorting through pages and pages of news based on slanted opinions, unfair angles, and biased ideas of the truth. The team here at Bright Press shares your concerns. Each of us is dedicated to promoting ethical journalism and reporting fair news. We shun bias and work hard each day to make sure our stories reflect current events informatively and fairly.

We Care About Our Readers

We don’t have time for fluff or spin and neither do you. The team here at Bright Press works hard to report the news as-is, whether it’s a serious geopolitical event or a bit of celebrity entertainment. There’s no need for conjecture – just clear perspective and easy-to-digest facts.

The biggest stories of the moment deserve time, attention to detail, and a clear understanding of the chain of events. We’re not here to tell you what to think. We value your American right to free speech and to your own opinions. We’re here to support you by giving you the facts so you can decide how you actually feel about a story on your own.

We’ll be here to share updates as stories unfold. We firmly believe you deserve facts that aren’t sugar coated, whether it seems like a story will impact your liberties and rights or our lives as a whole. We dig regularly not only for popular stories, but for some of the lesser known and obscure events as well. If we think you’ll find it interesting, you can be sure our team will share it.

Daily Updates–No Fluff

Want regular news updates without the fuss? Our team will keep you posted, and you can access our emails anywhere: on the train to work, over coffee on your porch, at the breakfast table, or even on a break at the gym. You’ll have at-your-fingertips access to a variety of news stories about current events, politics, the economy, and more.

Each day, our dedicated team combs through hundreds of stories in the news, searching for bits of information and nuggets of truth that we then deliver to you. Because we’re a news publication, we strive to deliver trustworthy, honest news that keeps you in the loop. You want to know about news that affects our nation, happening both here and beyond.

When you subscribe to Bright Press, you’ll get regular email deliveries featuring our Daily Beam and Vivid Reviews stories. Here’s what to expect.

Daily Beam

Short, sweet, and to-the-point stories fill our Daily Beam column on a daily basis. These brief stories are designed to be read quickly, giving you direct information you don’t have to research to understand. Forget digging through all of the extra fluff just to understand a story. We’re not here to waste your time and will make sure everything we publish is straightforward.

Vivid Reviews

Our Vivid Reviews are designed to go a bit deeper, looking for broader context around some of the week’s most engaging stories. We take a look at some of the most attention-grabbing pieces of news and look for more insight, pulling together the little bits we’ve been drip fed throughout the week to form a more cohesive picture of what’s happening. These stories, just like our Daily Beams, are delivered to you via email each week.

Knowledge & Assets

Approximately 80% of Americans are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck. We feel your pain. Our team spends time each week looking for resources that may help our readers in their time of need. Whether you’re struggling with housing, need help putting food on the table, or want to go back to school and change your life path – you’ll find something on Bright Press designed to help.

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Our team welcomes reader feedback and takes it seriously. If you’d like to get in touch, click Reply on any email from us or reach out to contact(at)brightpress.org.

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