11yo Child Arrested After Months-Long Crime Spree

(BrightPress.org) – An 11-year-old kid from New Mexico got busted for a crime spree that lasted a whole month, including stealing cars and shooting at folks with a handgun.

Albuquerque’s top cop, Harold Medina, sounded off about the whole thing on social media, calling it a bummer to see a kid so young in cuffs. But he also stressed that the kid was no joke and posed a real danger to the neighborhood.

They say this kid was part of a gang of youngsters known as the “Kia Boyz,” who’ve been causing trouble all over the place. A 12-year-old even reported them when they tried to break into her house.

The Kia Boyz aren’t just a local issue. It’s a viral thing on the internet. They’ve been breaking into Kia cars using some trick they found online, filming themselves, and then flexing their joyrides on social media. It’s caused a load of problems elsewhere too, with crashes and car thefts happening all over the country.

This 11-year-old was all caught up in it. Cops say he was involved in swiping at least three Kia vehicles. His spree kicked off in May, with a stolen Kia Forte, and things just got crazier from there.

On May 29th, a man dialed 911, claiming four boys in a blue Kia shot at him outside his house. He spotted the car and told the boys to leave, but they came back and fired at him. Cops found a 9 mm casing at his place.

Then, on June 1st, there was another shooting incident. Someone got hit in the hand, and the cops found a 9 mm handgun nearby, according to police reports.

The cops managed to collar the 11-year-old. He’s facing a laundry list of charges, including assault, burglary, and weapon offenses.

The chief is hoping lawmakers will step up and tackle this growing problem of kids running wild with guns and cars, all to get attention online.

At least up in Canada, there are anti-theft gadgets in Kias that make it harder for these young punks to pull off their stunts.

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