Biden Loses to Entrepreneur in American Samoa Caucuses

Democrat round button on an American flag

( – President Joe Biden made history on Super Tuesday 2024 by becoming the first incumbent to lose a primary in 44 years. The last time a sitting president lost a primary was in 1980 when Jimmy Carter lost to Ted Kennedy.

Biden’s loss in American Samoa has been the only blip on his currently perfect record. With 99% of expected votes reported, entrepreneur Jason Palmer held 56% of the vote. Palmer’s win was a surprise to the Biden campaign but is considered only an “inconsequential upset” with Biden being victorious in every other state so far.

Palmer, a Maryland resident, entered the race in November 2023 and is on the ballot in 16 states and territories. He promotes himself as a “problem solver” and has a history in executive leadership positions at several organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft.

Palmer said he believes it is time for Biden to “pass the torch” to the next generation. When interviewed by Politico earlier this year, Palmer mentioned the age of both Biden (81) and Trump (77). Politico reported Palmer as being 52 years old. According to Palmer, the next president should be someone who “really understands young people.” Palmer also promised to create a new Department of Innovation and Technology and believes laws in the U.S. should be updated more frequently. Additionally, he said he intends to release a 12-page paper on how to reform the immigration system in the U.S.

As a U.S. territory, American Samoa doesn’t cast electoral votes in the presidential election but can send delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Palmer and Biden each won three delegates. Palmer never traveled to American Samoa to campaign. Instead, he virtually attended town hall meetings and spoke with citizens, promoting his message of “civility and inclusion.”

According to ABC News, Palmer plans to continue his efforts to rally younger and independent voters. His next focus is on the state of Arizona.

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