Christians Insulted by Biden’s Easter Announcement

( – Conservatives have spoken out against President Joe Biden recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday. Co-hosts of “The Big Weekend Show ” discussed the outrage caused by Biden’s proclamation. According to Lisa Booth, Biden “chose” to allow the Transgender Day of Visibility to overshadow Easter, calling the decision “a thumb in the face of Christians and Easter.” She called the day of observance for Transgender people falling on Easter a “clear and coordinated effort” to remove God from society claiming “They clearly want us to bow at the altar of the trans community instead of bow to God…”

David Webb claimed the move to recognize both the transgender holiday and Easter on the same day is part of a “strategy for the progressive base” and an attempt to “gaslight the American people.” Joey Jones said that Biden “turned Easter into a trans celebration” and “not everyone gets a day.”

Conservatives have lashed out and accused Biden of intentionally trying to replace Easter with Transgender Day of Visibility, but the holiday acknowledging transgender people was originally organized by Rachel Crandall-Crocker from Michigan in 2009. Crandall-Crocker strategically chose March 31st to observe the holiday. Biden first issued an official proclamation of the holiday in 2021 then proceeded to recognize the day each year of his presidency.

The Transgender Day of Visibility always falls on March 31st, whereas Easter Sunday falls on a different calendar day each year. This year, in 2024, the two days simply happened to fall on the same calendar day and Biden chose to recognize both holidays.

Andrew Bates, spokesperson for the White House, issued a statement in defense of President Biden. Bates said Biden is a “Christian who celebrates Easter with family” and stands for “bringing people together.”

Trump’s campaign accused Biden of being “insensitive to religion.” Trump campaign secretary Karoline Leavitt called on Biden to “issue an apology” to the millions of Christians in America who believe Easter should be celebrated for one reason only, “the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

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