Christie Launches High-Stakes Ad Campaign Defying Dropout Calls

( – Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie is defying calls to drop out of the GOP primary with a seven-figure ad buy. The campaign will debut in New Hampshire and is a defiant expenditure announcing Christie’s intention to continue to participate in the contest, despite being unpopular with voters.

Christie averaged in the low-single digits in polls among GOP primary voters. Vivek Ramaswamy has averaged slightly higher while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley battle for second place. Trump has been a consistent frontrunner whose support has gained over time versus incumbent Joe Biden.

In one of Christie’s 30-second ads, he calls Donald Trump a liar and claims he’s the only GOP hopeful making that statement in public while other GOP leaders only say it in private.

The Iowa caucus will be the first official proving ground for the candidates, the results of which could see candidates shift in popularity depending on the outcome. Some polls have already shifted Nikki Haley into second place with Ron DeSantis losing popularity among voters.

Christie believes he has a shot at beating DeSantis in the Iowa primary which is why he’s refusing to drop out and spending over a million dollars on ads. He previously indicated his willingness to drop out if he fails to meet certain thresholds in Iowa and New Hampshire, but he has so far refused to outline what those specific values are.

Christie said he feels confident due to his interactions with voters, but that he’ll drop out immediately if he doesn’t hit the numbers he wants.

Christie ironically told his fellow GOP hopefuls to “know when to quit” in a recent interview with the Messenger. He pointed out that if Nikki Haley can’t carry New Hampshire, as it’s her home state, then she should drop out.

Christie has been touring college campuses in New Hampshire attempting to become the alternative to Donald Trump. He’s been credited or attacked for being the loudest Trump critic in the GOP primary field.

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