Congresswoman’s Son Arrested and Charged for 22 Offenses

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( – Eighteen-year-old Tyler Boebert, son of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, was arrested on Tuesday, February 27th, in Rifle, Colorado. According to a Facebook post made by the Rifle Police Department, Tyler faces a total of 22 charges.

The charges include one felony count of conspiracy to commit a felony and four felony counts of criminal possession of ID documents. The remainder are misdemeanor charges and petty offenses. The post confirms the arrest happened around 2:30 p.m. following a recent “string of vehicle trespass and property thefts” in the Rifle area. Rifle Police added that the investigation is ongoing so there will be no further details provided yet.

An article posted by CBS News confirms that Tyler was released from the Garfield County Jail on Wednesday after posting a bond in the amount of $1,250.

Lauren Boebert addressed the concerns over her son in a public statement claiming to understand that there have been “difficult public challenges” for someone as young as Tyler and that he has been the subject of attention he “didn’t ask for”. She acknowledged her love for her son and the emotional turmoil she feels as a parent, but agreed that Tyler should be “held accountable” for his “poor decisions”. Tyler became a father to a baby boy in June of 2023. Lauren Boebert stated that as an “adult and father,” Tyler would take responsibility for his actions.

Lauren Boebert is a representative from Colorado’s 3rd District and has recently had her own legal struggles. Her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert was arrested in January. In a separate incident, Lauren Boebert obtained a temporary restraining order after alleging Jayson entered her home without permission and made harmful threats.

During a performance of “Beetlejuice” last year, at a theater in Denver, Lauren Boebert and another patron were removed for causing a disturbance with “noise, singing, using their cell phone” and for vaping. Lauren Boebert later apologized.

Lauren Boebert recently announced she will be moving to a different district for re-election.

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